Awareness & Impact

Awareness & Impact 2018-02-13T09:46:13-08:00

Achieving awareness and support among target groups through impactful Coalitions…Working Groups…Stakeholders…Communications…

TGG advocates routinely gather and lead effective coalitions, legislative and regulatory stakeholders and governor’ office working groups to most effectively and efficiently represent our clients.

Whether it is an educational initiative to simply (though not simple) build awareness among members of a target audience, create and respond to legislation or inform regulators of unintended consequences, we’re there.

A group of like-minded friends broadens and deepens your voice. Coalitions may be cause-crafted or permanent. Usually open to all interested parties, they can form around an issue or a bill. Stakeholders can be invitation-only, big tent or small table – and are most often focused on a specific piece of legislation, regulation or project. Working groups can be the most informal, ad-hoc and hardest to find. TGG aggressively represents your precise intent in concert or competition with other participants.

Certainly, this is about bridge-building and relationships. But it is also about getting to the other side of the bridge – achieving the designated outcome. We do both.

Communications is a specialized advocacy tool. Media relations, grassroots, community and Capitol events, correspondence and more. TGG partners with experienced sector consultants with whom we enjoy long track records of success. We carefully calibrate the communications phase with you and manage the project.

Going it alone in Sacramento won’t take you very far.