Thought for Food

Reducing food waste feeds hungry people and conserves our natural resources.  A simple, good idea in which we all can and should participate.  As a co-founding member and host of the California Food Waste Roundtable, The Gualco Group, Inc. (TGG, Inc.) is pleased to see Walmart adopt a major food waste reduction tenet — Eat Ugly Food!  Here again, we can all lead way by picking and eating fruit and vegetables that are misshapen or bruised.

The California Food Waste Roundtable is a pro bono convening of senior executives from the private and public sectors who gather at our office periodically to collaborate to advance programs that achieve our goal.  Several of our members participated in the new ReFED research and food waste challenge.  This landmark study summarizes all the latest statistics that WILL motivate you to lend hand.  ReFED found a major need: research to characterize on-farm food loss which will lead to best management practices to reduce this food waste.

TGG, Inc. is leading this research effort, bringing together volunteers from the California State Board of Food & Agriculture, UC Ag & Natural Resources, UC Davis College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences and the Natural Resources Defense Council.  (It is good to note that one of our NRDC partners is quoted in the Walmart story.)  I will report back to you the findings of our research project.

Meanwhile, food waste reduction gathers momentum.  IDEO last week launched The Food Waste Challenge, an ambitious global effort to design creative solutions on its platform of open source problem-solving methodologies.  And the US Conference of Mayors on June 27 passed a food waste reduction resolution.

Join with us.

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