New Advocacy “At the Table”

Old axioms merit re-consideration for the new advocacy. Advocacy, of course, will always rely on personal integrity, effective knowledge and plenty of shoe leather. As with any profession, leading practitioners adapt and embrace evolutionary changes. Take for example, the hoary adage “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.” Reliable advice, but worth examining on the dynamics of individual issues now transitioning to instant broadcast communications.

The term “at the table” frequently references working groups that form ad-hoc around critical issues du jour. A few controversial issues arose in the last 3-4 weeks, amidst the customary end-of-legislative year crush to achieve small bits of history and avoid kicking cans (pick your public policy cliché) down roads. Select working groups hastily formed. Doors closed, sometimes limiting opportunities and creative solutions. Elbows were thrown, mostly to no avail. Some people had seats at the table, some did not.

Working groups, to be sure, will always be necessary when subject matter expertise is essential and madding crowds are not. Conversely, crowd-sourcing can be helpful too. We’ll adapt, under the dome.

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