Drought Dries Up Food Banks

“Food Banks Struggle During Drought” reads the headline in a Merced Sun-Star article this week. One in four California children routinely goes hungry; however, hunger is now particularly acute in our rural communities, where the agriculture-based economies are fueled by water. Farmers are also major food bank donors, doubling the jeopardy of food distributions in the San Joaquin Valley, Central Coast, Imperial County and other regions.

You can help. Find a local food bank, alert your network of friends and family, and make consistent donations, now. You can find a local food bank at the California Association of Food Banks, or simply write CAFB a check: http://www.cafoodbanks.org

The Gualco Group, Inc., through our senior advisor Bob Gore, co-founded the pro bono California Food Waste Roundtable, with the CAFB’s Sue Sigler and Craig McNamara, a Winters walnut grower who leads the state Board of Food & Agriculture. The Roundtable’s main mission to is to better connect major food donors with hub food banks. Also, the participants are now working with Dana Gunders at the Natural Resources Defense Council to help inform a 2016 campaign with the Ad Council to educate consumers about reducing food waste.

Andy Souza, CEO of the six-county Fresno Community Food Bank, reports that declining jobs and donations are resulting in longer lines at distribution centers and hard times in harvesting large quantities of food donations. He could also use baby food and diapers, btw.

Merced Sun-Star article:

And if you are interested in reducing your own food waste, the newly published book from Dana:

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