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Nine Dots

Nine dots are the foundation for Californians, their new governor and legislators as we confront an historic slate of societal issues on a backdrop of schism…. Innovation and teamwork are already the hallmarks of Gov.

Agricultural Technology

Agricultural technology – from seed to table – is rapidly changing the way we develop, plant, grow, harvest, pack, transport, buy and prepare our food. The California Dept. of Food & Agriculture (CDFA) recently posted

Pro Golf Can Help Pro Advocates Reach Par

A colleague with five Millennial children – who are thus far parenting six post-Millennials – reminds me that California public policy professionals have a bridge to build. A strong, stable bridge to the next generation

2018 Will Be A Year of Tumult and Results

In California’s capital, 2018 will be a year of tumult and results. The last year of a governor’s term is usually all downhill…not so 2018. First, Gov. Jerry Brown is ending his unprecedented fourth term

Thought for Food

Reducing food waste feeds hungry people and conserves our natural resources.  A simple, good idea in which we all can and should participate.  As a co-founding member and host of the California Food Waste Roundtable,

Generating STEAM & Big Ideas for Jobs in the Valley

State and San Joaquin Valley leaders gathered for the “Shifting Ground” Conference, the 4th annual economic development convening, produced West Hills Community College District (WHCCD) and The Gualco Group, Inc. recently and appropriately in Coalinga

Collaboration Will Fix Water System, Not Litigation

Water resource management in California, as Mark Twain noted, sometimes involves threats and drinking adult beverages.   It was not a subject for compromise or even reasoned discussion—until relatively recently.  An historic drought consumed most of the

Drought Dries Up Food Banks

“Food Banks Struggle During Drought” reads the headline in a Merced Sun-Star article this week. One in four California children routinely goes hungry; however, hunger is now particularly acute in our rural communities, where the