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Client Success Stories

Corner Office Conversations

With significant intellectual property and global reach, our clients often share innovation experts and programs with California Executive and Legislative leaders. The Gualco Group, Inc. in 2019 facilitated productive conversations with the governor and several of his senior staff, agency secretaries, department directors and board/commission members. Also, Constitutional Officers such as controller and treasurer. And Senate and Assembly committee chairs and consultants.

Show Stoppers: Water Tax and Senate Bill 1

In the Legislative Arena, the battle usually goes with those who bring the most friends. Coalescing coalitions is a strength at The Gualco Group, Inc.

To stop the drinking water tax and to fund drinking water for disadvantaged communities, we worked for our clients to help organize and play a key role in the three year-long push to tax drinking water and then pivoted to legislation that created the Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund. (To follow up, we are working with two stakeholder groups to launch the program.) Efforts to protect against any incursion will continue.

A struggle over legislation can go all the way to the governor’s pen…does the chief executive sign or veto? Senate Bill 1, which unfortunately would have endangered complex water management negotiations while providing no new environmental protections, was vetoed after another year-long struggle. US Sen. Dianne Feinstein and a host of other key leaders joined in, concurring that there was no need for State legislation to blunt any environmental threats from federal agencies.

Quadruple Budget Funding in 5 Years

To advance the worthy and far-reaching California Charities’ social service programs, we joined with the “One CA” advocacy coalition to secure critical funding for immigration services. Catholic Charities is widely acclaimed for its social, educational and legal services for immigrants and refugees.

Collaborating with the governor’s office, departments and the Legislature, we achieved $65 million in funding for Fiscal Year 2019-20, up from $15 million in 2014.

Coastal Desalination Facility Gets Dedicated New Law

Gov. Newsom signed Assembly Bill 1752 (Petrie-Norris) in September, authorizing a project delivery method and clarifying funding for the South Coast Water District’s new desalination plant in southern Orange County. We drafted, found an appropriate bill to amend, a top notch author, obtained legislative support, and ramped up advocacy in just a few months this summer…as the first year of the Session was drawing to a close.

The new plant will reduce the region’s 90% dependence on external water sources with a resilient, environmentally sustainable supply delivered via innovative, new buried ocean intakes. Working with local supporters and environmentalists, the bill was quickly passed and signed into law.

Generous Tax Credit for Research & Manufacturing Client’s New Facility

Secured a $2.5 million award to site a new research and manufacturing facility on California. With generous offers from multiple states we were able to help our client receive one of the highest per employee awards in 2019 ($37,000/employee) from the California Competes Tax Credit which will lead to over 60 new high-wage high-skill jobs in California.

$10-Million Water Treatment Plant Grant + Loan

The Dept. of Water Resources and State Water Resources Control Board in less than a year supported and funded, through grants and loans, respectively, the City of Antioch’s brackish water treatment plant. We worked to ensure all regulators understood the co-benefits of reducing the impact on Delta habitat, saving energy and a reliable water supply. The final push involved several meetings and complex presentation materials, followed by a myriad of successfully answered technical questions.

Fast Start for Sustainable Water Infrastructure

A Central Valley water district with a long history of innovation is seeking Executive Branch support for an essential piece of infrastructure to enable Gov. Newsom’s Water Resilience Portfolio and Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.

On short notice as the new budget season gets underway, we were able in a single day to secure briefings with senior executives in the governor’s office, Dept. of Finance, CalEPA and Dept. of Water Resources. A work in progress for 2020….off to a stellar understanding and excellent relationships.

Broad Coalitions, Big Lifts

For a significant energy trade group, we help to lead and coordinate long-term advocacy across multiple agencies and the Governor’s Office.

Example #1, CVSALTS (or the Central Valley Salinity Alternatives for Long-Term Solutions), where we assisted in winning State Water Board approval of two complex Basin Plan Amendments to enable the 12-year stakeholders’ effort to mitigate nitrates and salt, to deliver drinking water to disadvantaged communities and to remediate the groundwater supply.

Example #2, what the Natural Resources Agency secretary termed one of the Newsom Administration’s top water environmental projects of its inaugural year – the wetlands protections built into the Waters of the State amendments approved by the State Water Board. Again, the product of a diverse industry coalition that worked for five years with state scientists and engineers to negotiate a compromise that protected all concerned.

Advocacy for the Public Good

The Gualco Group, Inc. brings together experts from nonprofits, trade groups, regulatory agencies and academia in our pro bono Food Waste Roundtable and Ag Tech & Economic Development (AgTED) Roundtable. Both were founded in 2013 with about 15-20 volunteer senior-level participants who exchange essential information and help one another’s programs.

The Food Waste Roundtable reduces food waste and feeds hungry people with the CA Assn. of Food Banks, CA League of Food Producers, CA Farm Bureau Federation, CalRecycle, Californians Against Waste, UC Davis College of Ag & Environmental Sciences and others. As one example, we helped create and fund the first research into the nature of on-farm food loss.

AgTED directs its collaboration into deploying agricultural technology to promote careers in rural San Joaquin Valley communities. Collaborators include UC Division of Ag & Natural Resources, Farm Bureau, CA Dept. of Technology, CA Dept. of Food & Ag, Farm of the Future at West Hills College Coalinga and more. We are working with the Governor’s Office to deliver wireless broadband to impacted rural areas…because no ag tech works without broadband.

A Voice Heard & Heeded by State Water Board

Would an amended regulation governing water quality lab testing effectively eliminate small facilities? Would the State Water Resources Control Board – after several years of process including dozens of stakeholder meetings – direct staff to re-engage with stakeholders? Could TGG provide a voice for an esteemed irrigation district that would persuade an unanimous board?


Big Win a Vendor New to California

NFP Health is a boutique brokerage in the business of designing and operating advanced technology, state-based insurance exchanges, mainly for agents and employers. NFP has plenty of success offering complex products with cutting-edge security and automated upgrades…but it was east of the Mississippi River. Competing for a CoveredCA service and up against an entrenched incumbent, as well as several California firms, NFP asked around…and found one advocacy firm who could quickly assess the competitive environment, furnish insights on tailored messaging and conduct intense preparations. Results?

An unprecedented win.

NOTE: We would be pleased to provide full details to all of the above.

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