Climate Change

Governor Ponders 2016 Ballot Initiative for Climate Change

Gov. Jerry Brown said he is considering placing a measure on the 2016 ballot, possibly related to climate change, or engaging in an effort to defeat a threat to his Delta water project. “There’s a few things which I’m not ready to lay out for what we do,” he said. “We’re going to do something.”

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Brown Orders State Focus on Short-Lived Air Pollutants

In a memorandum issued days before he flew to France last week for the United Nations climate summit, Brown ordered his administration to review the impact of greenhouse gas emissions policies on poor and heavily polluted communities in California. The memo followed speeches in recent months in which Brown has emphasized an especially hazardous class

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Climate Change Conference Fall Out: “…Never Underestimate Coercive Power of Government,” Says Brown

One of the goals of Californians who traveled to Paris for climate talks this week was to showcase green-energy businesses that are succeeding in the state. But it was the “coercive power” of government for which Gov. Jerry Brown was seeking credit. Regulations, he said at an event with billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer at an

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State Supreme Court “Severe Blow” to Huge LA Development on EIR Issues

For two decades, the Newhall Land & Farming Co. has envisioned a new city rising in the foothills north of Los Angeles. Situated on nearly 12,000 acres along the Santa Clara River, the planned community would house 58,000 people and offer stores, golf courses, schools and recreational centers. Los Angeles County’s elected supervisors approved the

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Gas Tax Fuels Transportation Funding Debate

Commentary from Fresno Bee Gov. Jerry Brown was forced to remove a 50 percent cut in auto petroleum use from a sweeping expansion of his crusade against greenhouse gases to win legislative passage. In the aftermath, however, administration and legislative staffers began peddling an alternate version to journalists – that it wasn’t a big win for

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San Joaquin Valley as Global Marketplace

The Gualco Group, Inc. with West Hills Community College District co-produces an annual regional economic development conference. CA Forward provides a summary: What can California’s San Joaquin Valley do to mobilize itself to accelerate its competitiveness in the global marketplace? That question and others drew over a hundred business, civic and educational leaders to Harris

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Oakland Ponders Port Coal Terminal

Oakland’s City Council has until early December to make a costly choice: agree to move millions of tons of potentially lung-damaging coal through the city each year for export, or ban the coal and disrupt — potentially derailing — a major development that promises nearly 12,000 jobs. Opposition to coal is mounting from public health

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Gov. Brown Forges Ahead With Low Carbon Fuel Standard; Opposition Ballot Initiative Hinted

While Gov. Jerry Brown appeared in New York to promote climate change policies at a meeting of the United Nations, the California Air Resources Board convened in Sacramento to consider renewing the state’s low carbon fuel standard, a central part of California’s greenhouse gas reduction program. The board is expected to approve the standard’s renewal.

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More Wildfires Burn Hotter Longer

The number of wildfires in California and the western U.S. this summer may represent a "new normal." Nationally, wildfires have burned at least 6.5 million acres in 2015. Federal fire managers say that's a 38 percent increase over the 10-year average to this point in the year. UC Berkeley professor Scott Stephens is co-director of the Center

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“The Blob” of Toxic Algae Lurks Offshore

Oceanographers are studying whether climate change is contributing to an unprecedented bloom of toxic algae that spans the Pacific Coast of the United States and Canada, raising health concerns and leading to multimillion-dollar income losses from closed fisheries. The bloom, which emerged in May, stretches thousands of miles from the Channel Islands off the coast

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